In the struggle for the first place there appeared no surprises. Speaking about preferences as to women’s appearance 60% of men agreed that they are attracted by Russian women who are slender and well-groomed. And there seems to be nothing surprising, as just such an image of Russian brides is formed today by all mass media.
Such an indefinite concept as sexuality was put by men on the second place. Provided that this concept doesn’t mean a model appearance in any way: quite enough is a languishing look and clothes successfully emphasizing tempting curves of a woman’s body. One can read about a sexuality of Russian beauties in more details for example here
Definite demands to breasts of Russian girls were expressed by 40% of the polled. Breasts should be big. But not too big. Most of those who are worried about breasts’ size considered the 2nd and the 3d ones to be ideal. At that, 20% raised their voice for breasts which are ‘the bigger the better’. A small breasts size is preferred by 15% of men only.
As to hair color of Russian beauties opinions divided. It seems like domination of blondes goes to the past. Though they take the first place in men’s preferences, but with a minimal breakaway from brunettes. Red-haired beauties and women with dark blond hair are in the minority. And what concerns haircuts ‘long-haired mermaids’ are still more preferable that girls with a ‘boyish haircut’. Sun-tanned and dark-skinned (Ukrainian and Moldovan women are referred to them) are considered by men to be more attractive than fair-skinned one.
A talk about personal qualities of Russian women also threw light upon some solid positions. Well, 12% of men admit that independent women who are sure in themselves are to their taste (but fair!). The rest of men state diplomatically that they will better prefer those with whom modesty, facile nature and conservatism are inherent. From this a conclusion may be drawn that the Russian marriage and family-oriented girls are certainly more to men’s liking than the western business-women.
Another point in which men concurred is a women’s communicability. Sometimes men criticize Russian women for their ‘excessive flippancy’.
But at the same time they admit unanimously – communicative ladies are to their liking, not silent ones.

And no matter how surprising it may be, except al the rest the polling confirmed to the full a folk wisdom saying that the way to a man’s heart lays through his stomach.
Absolute majority of men (86%) consider knowing how to cook well to be an important quality. We hope that in this Russian women won’t disappoint fanciful western men.