This year the Eurovision 2017 was one of the most mass events in Kiev. Despite the fact that a somewhat smaller number of guests was expected, the city managed to handle the flow of tourists who rushed to the capital some weeks before the contest.

In honor of the main song contest of Europe thousands of guests came to Kiev from many countries of the world. Every of them had their own impression of the capital and they shared it in social networks. If one tries to systematize them, we’ll get a list of 5 main points.

1. Availability. Ukraine is now the cheapest European country. For example, many people were surprised that a dinner in a restaurant could cost not more than 10 dollars and dishes were very tasty. ‘Prices here are awesome. We could afford the luxury that wasn’t available to us in more expensive European countries’. That’s what the majority of Eurovision guests consider.

2. Great architecture. ‘I had to give myself a pinch several types to make sure that what I saw was real.’

3. Lively night life. Kiev at night turns into a city of lights! Many parties, cheerful pubs, bars and cheap drinks. Visiting Ukrainian bars and night clubs American guests were just charmed at their style and originality: ‘A single place in the world where we saw such a great number of luxurious and stylish night clubs and restaurants was maybe Los-Angeles’.

4. Open, friendly people. Many people note that Ukrainian sometimes accepted them better that citizens of neighboring countries.

5. The most beautiful girls in Ukraine live in Kiev. Almost all people note that girls and women here manage to look all the time as if they have just left a cover of a glossy zine. ‘At the same time to look perfect a girl shouldn’t necessarily spend much money for beauty salons and plastic surgery – nature has generously gifted them with a single natural beauty’, that’s what a Dutch traveler wrote about them on Facebook.

‘Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in Europe and it looks like in the whole world’, that’s what a tourist from the USA thinks.